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Second of all

First of all in this second of all: is anyone still reading this? I'm sorry I haven't been updating, guys, for serious. I have no excuse. But gimme a while, I'll come up with something.

Second of all in this second of all: I'm seriously out of shape, bad enough where it's even annoying me. Also, money is tight. But I had a minor revelation: exercise can be pretty darn cheap.

Step one (no pun intended): Operation Walk It OffTM. (Alternate titles: "Get Steppin'," "I Wonder If I Could Turn This Into A Book," and "You Are Soooo Pedestrian. HIGH-FIVE.") I'm not riding my bike for fitness, I'm riding it for laziness. It gets me to the bus stop faster. Convenient, but I can't chase down the bus like I used to; believe me, I've tried. The point is, I need to walk more. A lot more. Last week, Wednesday if I remember right, I walked for half an hour before work. On my way to work, in fact: I walked from my house to a bus stop a mile and a half closer to work. (On a related note, I found out I have a 3 mph walking speed. Not bad.) I can't say I'll walk a mile and a half every day, but it's a good goal to shoot for I think. When I get the chance, I'll buy a pedometer and post updates here.

Step two: push-ups and sit-ups. Done right, they're about the best exercises for you, and you can do them anywhere you don't mind laying down. No plan as such, still considering that. But I do find myself thinking about this site a lot. More on that as it develops.

I'm not so optimistic to think that I can drop 50 pounds before my wedding. But the wedding is a consideration here, and I would like to look better then than I do now.

Stay tuned, updates as they occur. First, a word from our sponsors.

Weigh Day! Week 5

Current weight: 269
Moving average: 271.1

It was a good week, food-wise...until today. First, I wanted a grilled cheese for breakfast. No problem there. Then I was running a little behind and opted for Pita Pit for lunch. It's pretty good for you...as long as you make the right choice. I opted for turkey. But then there was bacon. And cheese. And a cupcake for dessert, and free food in the newsroom (my one main one of many weaknesses)...hey, could've been worse, I could've had some of the pie.

Speaking of pie: tomorrow will be my day off (if you have to ask why, I just have to say, HI ASTRID) because there will be multiple pies with ice cream as well as buttered vegetables and dressing and so much turkey (generously donated by Popeyes, in exchange for a mention here on my blog, plus $40). Nice long day of cooking with my beautiful and patient and kind girlfriend who makes fantastic apple pie, with the H's coming over, and the possibility of other friends trickling in for dessert and complaining about family. It should be great fun.

I've decided that the following Friday will also be a day off, because I need a fair shot at those leftovers before counting calories again (I even bought a bottle of barbecue sauce just for sandwiches, just like my dad and I used to do). In addition, there's also the UT vs. A&M game, the one game of the year my lovely and silly and brilliant girlfriend who's also a great kisser feels obligated to watch, and I'll be damned if I don't get to eat wings while I watch football.

Hey, speaking of damnation, did you know that the patron saint of Turkey is John the Apostle, brother of James, appointed guardian of Mary by Christ from the cross, writer of three epistles and one Gospel, as well as the Book of Revelations? Did you know he died around the year 100, which would make him (to put it lightly) extremely long-lived? And that he founded many churches in Asia Minor? Don't know what all that has to do with a native North American bird often roasted for family celebrations, but hey, I work with what I'm given.


Weigh Day! Week 4

Current weight: 269
Moving average: 272.6

It's been a good week, as far as the eating. Or not eating, if you prefer. (Yeah yeah, have to eat, metabolism'll blow up, let it go it's just a turn of phrase.) Under 1500 calories is a great day, under 1600 is still pretty good. Over 2000, that's not okay. Over the past week, two days haven't been okay:

  1. Friday was date night; we went to Mother's, which reopened after a fire recently. I had a gigantic bowl of linguine with marinara, which was fantastic. And I had some chips and salsa, because I was starving. I regret nothing.
  2. Trudy's has a weekend brunch buffet. I thought I could be reasonable. I was wrong. (I forgot to put the fruit I had on there, so it wasn't quite as bad as it seems, but it's still pretty bad.) Buffet wins again. Curses.

This week's day off: Salt Lick barbeque on Friday. Oh yes.

I'm marginally ashamed to admit this, but I kinda geek out on getting the spreadsheet to look the way I want it to: colors to indicate how the days are, running averages for the week that automatically doesn't include days that I haven't entered yet...it's like programming for people who don't think they can program (even though I think I can, I just don't have the education). It scratches an itch that I forget I have sometimes, to fix problems and find elegant solutions. If finances didn't make me want to stab myself in the ear with a pencil, I would've made a hell of an MBA. Or at least an accountant. Not enough buttons there, anyway, and I don't like ties.


Weigh Day! Week 3

Current weight: 273.5
Moving average: 274.5

You ask, "But what happened to week 2?" I say, "Shut up Charles."

I get the feeling that there are some questions about the
food log I posted two weeks ago (and again, just now, in this very sentence). First of all: I don't mark down every little thing. For one, vegetables. I usually put something green and leafy on my sandwiches, for example; this week it's spinach. (Also been putting on raw mushrooms, which are quite nice. I would even say delightful, if I was an 18th century fop.) For another, but it's related to the first, I don't mark anything with negligible calories. I put real sugar in my coffee, but a teaspoon of sugar is about ten calories. I burn that with about five minutes of sitting.

Second of all: I take a day off a week. One day, every week, I eat whatever I want. For example, today, you won't find any listings...mostly because I really wanted a burger. Things I've read but am too lazy to look for right now say that one day a week won't bother the diet much, if at all.

So yeah, so far so good. I do need a bathroom scale that has a gradation of better than half a pound, since I weigh myself every day; .2 or even .1 would be great. Along those lines, for those who were wondering (HI MOM), I'll have a wish list together soon.

I think one item that won't fit on Amazon is money toward a bicycle; I've been thinking about it for a while, and it seems like it would be a good idea, no so much for just exercising (although it is a selling point), but as a way to get from here to there without having to drive or walk or wait for a bus. I'm not totally convinced, though, so I think I'll get a used bike from a place here in town that I've heard good things about. (I'm kinda hoping my random LJ friend 99catsaway will offer some unsolicited advice regarding buying a bicycle for commuting.)

What else...oh, of course. Today's the memorial for Florentius of Strasburg, 7th century bishop and patron saint of gall stones and ruptures. (Don't let him corner you at parties, lest he start in on his stories.) This is interesting because yesterday and today one of our morning show directors was out of commission for this very reason; we heard yesterday he had TEN in there. Yeowch. They took care of him on an outpatient basis, though; he'll be back at work tomorrow.

Weigh Day: Week 1

Current weight: 275.5

Told you I'd been slipping.

The first half of the first week of the return of the calorie-counting has been going well enough. My sexy marvelous super-duper girlfriend is trying it out, too, although not as rigorous as I am, with the counting. So that should help.

Unfortunately, the exercising is not happening as easily; I've missed the last two days. I have an excuse, but it's not a good one, so I won't mention it here; I'll just have to try harder.


Past couple days I've been filling in on the morning show. (If you're curious, that's my excuse for not working out. Told you it wasn't a good one.) This morning was only a half-shift, and during my show we had a live shot from where they were offering test drives for this:

No reason other than I had a day to myself and was already downtown and it wasn't that far of a walk. It was...interesting. Different. Kinda stiff.

One strange thing: is it just me, or when you drive a car you have a sense of where the front is, where the back is, the space you as a driver occupy when you're in your car? I thought it was just because I had driven my Accord for ten years, but I feel it in my Nissan, too; I can park REALLY close to stuff, let's just say that. Anyway. This Smart Car has a much bigger feel to it. You'll notice that the engine compartment in front of the passenger compartment is very small, the overall length of the car is only eight feet or so, but it just felt...longer.

Take it away, Michael Scott:

"That's what she said."

Moving on.

So yeah, the car felt big. It had a decent amount of pickup, turning and braking were fine, it just felt big for some reason. Maybe I'd get used to it if I was driving it every day, but for that five-minute drive, it was pretty weird. I've driven a Mini Cooper, and that was fun, and nothing like driving a smart fortwo. Plus, the smart looks ridiculous, and it's not green enough to be quirky-cool. (Yeah, 40 mpg, recyclable parts, blah blah blah, but it's not electric and it's shipped all the way from France.) If I'm gonna drive something that looks like a golf cart, at least make it a hybrid.

Not all change is good

I'm fat. Not as fat as I once was, but pretty fat. Fatter than I want to be. It's alternately annoying and depressing me, and I want it to stop.

So here's what's happening: I'm bringing back Weigh Day posts. I'm also going back to logging my food, like I did in the beginning, but this time I'll have the log online for anyone that wants to look at it; you can find it here. I canceled my gym membership and don't want to start that again, but I will be working out at home. Nothing drastic, I'll be following the workout program from The Hacker's Diet.

I'm tired of this, and it's going to stop.

That is all.

My apologies to Sergio Leone.

Good: I'm in love on Valentine's Day.

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Hee. Awesome.

Bad: I'm at work instead of with her. But she has chocolate-covered strawberries, so it could be worse. (Susann, if you're reading this and don't know what I'm talking about, go out on your porch and look around a little.)

Ugly: My jeans are too tight. Dammit. I need to start on the real dieting again. So annoying.

Non-Weigh Day update

Still fat. Not as fat as I once was, though.

As for a life update, well...stories of happiness, of contentment, of joy and pleasure, make for lame stories indeed. I'll just say, I've been in a rather persistent good mood for a couple weeks. That's all.

So here's some random links.

  • Tomorrow is the memorial for Abundius, Abundantius, Marcian, and John. Here's the deal: Abundius was a priest and Abundantius a deacon around 300 AD in the brand spanking new Christian Church in Rome. These two refused to sacrifice to Hercules, so they were arrested, tortured, and condemned to death. On their way to their doom, they came upon Marcian the Senator, grieving over his son John. Abundius prayed over John, and John came back to life. Marcian and John converted to Christianity on the spot, and in return, they both were executed with Abundius and Abundantius.

    Okay. I'm prepared to believe that condemned prisoners would be walking by the home of a senator, AND that the guards would allow the priest to stop and pray, AND that the boy coming back to life would inspire the father and son to convert. But they would put to death someone who had just came back to life? That just seems...mean.

  • The future is ahead of us and the past behind, right? Well, maybe; according to this article, there's a group of South American natives, the Aymara, that reverse the metaphor. To them, we are facing the past and the future is behind us. Which stands to reason, if you think about it: what do you see more clearly, the future or the past?

      The language of the Aymara, who live in the Andes highlands of Bolivia, Peru and Chile, has been noticed by Westerners since the earliest days of the Spanish conquest. A Jesuit wrote in the early 1600s that Aymara was particularly useful for abstract ideas, and in the 19th century it was dubbed the “language of Adam.” More recently, Umberto Eco has praised its capacity for neologisms, and there have even been contemporary attempts to harness the so-called “Andean logic” – which adds a third option to the usual binary system of true/false or yes/no – to computer applications.

    For more on Andean thought, read this. It's very interesting, if it doesn't make your head hurt.

  • Okay, enough heavy thinking. Here we have an old mechanical typewriter hacked into a computer keyboard.

  • Here we have an old aircraft hangar turned into the world's largest pinhole camera, with a focal length of 80 feet to expose a "negative" (a light-sensitive cloth) 25 feet by 100 feet for an exposure time of five to twelve days.

  • Here we have an old bicycle turned into a lowrider.

  • And here we have an old WWII "sea fort" turned into a nation. Sealand, a hereditary constitutional monarchy with a territory of 550 square meters and an approximate population of five, seems to have one industry: HavenCo, a data-hosting company, and one export: silliness.


Non-Weigh Day Update

So non-Weigh Day, it's on a Sunday!

Still fat. Not as fat as I used to be, though.

Things still going strong with Susann; we're very much in the "OMG-this-is-so-cool-YAAAAAY-kissykissykissy" phase, which is hella fun but makes it hard to think clearly around her. I'll update as the situation changes.

Austin City Limits Music Festival in two weeks; I'm really pretty excited. Van Morrison, Tom Petty, Son Volt, KT Tunstall, Willie Nelson, Nickel Creek...so much good music to see and to discover. I need to practice my standing for hours and being dehydrated...

I know you all missed it.

  • Today is the memorial day of Gregory the Great, pope at the turning of the 6th century into the 7th, he of the famous chants. Gregory is patron of, among other things, choir boys (of which there are jokes aplenty to be made, all of them sacrilegious and crass. And I do hate to be crass) and popes. Mathematicians have a saint. Stamp collectors have a saint. Murderers have six. So why am I so surprised that the papacy has a saint? Maybe because it seems like Bob Vila having a handyman.

  • Patent #7037243: the cordless jump rope. No, seriously, this an actual thing. I guess it was only a matter of time, though, since we have machines to simulate walking and biking and rowing and skiing and climbing stairs...yeah. Right now, I'm seriously questioning my gym membership.

  • Know what the difference is between a $60 consumer-grade wireless router and a $600 commercial router? Things like the ability to boost your wireless signal and select which program has priority for bandwidth (so, for example, videoconferencing doesn't stutter while you download an episode of Lost). All just a firmware upgrade away.

  • The Laughing Swing. You start to swing, it chuckles. Swing higher, it starts to laugh. This sounded like fun when I first read it, but now that I mull it over some more, I realize that people tend to look a little goofy when getting a swing to work; are we sure the swing isn't laughing at us?

  • You might not have heard of Uwe Boll, but I wouldn't blame you. He's generally regarded as the worst film director working today after helming such memorable flicks as House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, and BloodRayne. Well...he doesn't take criticism well. He's called out critics from the likes of SomethingAwful.com and Ain't It Cool News to take him on in a boxing match. There's more: the fights will be filmed and used in his upcoming project, Postal. Still more: the fight night is sponsored by online casino GoldenPalace.com, known for snapping up the weird stuff you hear about going on sale on eBay, like William Shatner's kidney stone or Britney Spears' half-eaten egg-salad sandwich and nigh-countless items with the image of Jesus Christ.

    And yet, there's more: the name of the event? Raging Boll.

    Oh admit it, that was totally worth it.


No more Weigh Days

Sorry folks. But the fact is, I haven't really lost any more weight in about a year. I have a suspicion I'm not going to lose any more, either, not without lifestyle changes that I'm not prepared to undergo. Not yet. Don't worry, I'm not giving up completely, and I weigh myself every day to make sure I'm not losing ground.

"Enough, Eddie," you're saying. "Give us random links. Show us more of this crazy kingdom called the World Wide Web (so crazy, you could spell crazy with a K and even do it in ALL CAPS and have an exclamation point at the end!)." Don't try to deny it, you are too saying that very thing, because you're all dorks.

Wait...wait, no, that's me. Sorry.

  • Tomorrow is the memorial day for Joseph of Barsabas, who was either the 13th or the 14th apostle of Christ, depending on how you count. See, there were the twelve, until Judas Iscariot did his thing. So he got booted. But there has to be twelve, for some reason (probably so they could have a full basketball team), and there was Joseph and Matthias. The eleven apostles prayed, then had the two draw lots, and Matthias got it. Matthias is the patron of alcoholics, carpenters, tailors and Gary, Indiana. Joseph Barsabas? Nothing.

  • Bike pimping: we have glowing persistence-of-vision wheel mods, lowrider bikes, chopper bikes, a shopping cart bike, and a tandem bike made of duct tape.

  • Methanol-powered artificial muscles. Put another way: alcohol-fueled robots.

  • There are a lot of things I love about my job. Not having to wake up to an alarm clock is definitely in the top five. (The others would be getting to wear jeans to work, hot assignment editors, Little City across the street, and BUTTONS!.) All that to say, here we have a list of the ten most annoying alarm clocks that I hope I never need. Although, I do like the one where you wring its neck to turn it off.

  • This story is about a week old, but I've had it on my "blog idea" list for three months: this guy traded up from one red paperclip to a house in Saskatchewan. Not all at once, of course, it took fifteen trades over the past year. But still. A house. 2 floors, 1100 square feet. It even has a new roof.

  • Last one. "HEY! 400 eyes!"

Finally, since it's that kind of day at work today, we have a quote from Mimi Smartypants. Context: she's sick.

    Also, shout-out to Walgreens-brand No-Aspirin Flu Gelcaps: you suck. Seriously, your mama's so poor, and fat, and ugly, and stupid, that she tried to put some onion rings on layaway, and then the waiter said "duh, you can't put onion rings on layaway, and by the way you are ugly." (Boy, that really fell apart. Let me check the side effects profile on the box again.)