no_relation (no_relation) wrote,

Second of all

First of all in this second of all: is anyone still reading this? I'm sorry I haven't been updating, guys, for serious. I have no excuse. But gimme a while, I'll come up with something.

Second of all in this second of all: I'm seriously out of shape, bad enough where it's even annoying me. Also, money is tight. But I had a minor revelation: exercise can be pretty darn cheap.

Step one (no pun intended): Operation Walk It OffTM. (Alternate titles: "Get Steppin'," "I Wonder If I Could Turn This Into A Book," and "You Are Soooo Pedestrian. HIGH-FIVE.") I'm not riding my bike for fitness, I'm riding it for laziness. It gets me to the bus stop faster. Convenient, but I can't chase down the bus like I used to; believe me, I've tried. The point is, I need to walk more. A lot more. Last week, Wednesday if I remember right, I walked for half an hour before work. On my way to work, in fact: I walked from my house to a bus stop a mile and a half closer to work. (On a related note, I found out I have a 3 mph walking speed. Not bad.) I can't say I'll walk a mile and a half every day, but it's a good goal to shoot for I think. When I get the chance, I'll buy a pedometer and post updates here.

Step two: push-ups and sit-ups. Done right, they're about the best exercises for you, and you can do them anywhere you don't mind laying down. No plan as such, still considering that. But I do find myself thinking about this site a lot. More on that as it develops.

I'm not so optimistic to think that I can drop 50 pounds before my wedding. But the wedding is a consideration here, and I would like to look better then than I do now.

Stay tuned, updates as they occur. First, a word from our sponsors.
Tags: introspection, wedding, weigh day

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